Here comes the bride

September 6

We’re less than 48 hours away until one of my dearest friends gets married. So extremely exciting, yes – yet so extremely nerve wracking, yes to the nth degree.

Did I mention that I was the Maid of Honor?

Hm, going to a wedding as a guest sounds divine right about now… this speech, putting on a dress that I can barely breathe in, my speech, walking down the aisle and making a conscious effort to NOT eat it, and oh did I mention my speech?! Why am I so incredibly nervous about my speech, you may be asking yourself right now – oh, because I haven’t written it. AH! I haven’t written my speech and I’m expected to deliver it on Saturday. I am so incredibly screwed; royally screwed.

Instead of blogging, I should really be brainstorming this speech. What a thought. Ugh, I’m definitely not utilizing my time appropriately right now. It’s barely my second post and I’m practically having a panic attack – sounds about right, to be honest. HA.

Soooo, with that said, I guess I’ll get started on my speech – wish me luck!