In the end

September 13

Saying that my life has completely changed in the last year would be an understatement. Though it has changed, I’d have to say it’s changed for the better; sometimes, it just takes longer to recognize why it’s better. Every now and then, I’ll remind myself of this quote. It’s one of my favorites. It reminds me that love is infinite and that’s what truly matters in this life – how much you loved and expressed that love to those around you. Call me a hopeless romantic but each one of us is defined by how we love. How we love our career, how we love our friends and family, how we love God.

What do you hold closest to your heart? That alone dictates what & who surround you. I’ve also learned that my love won’t always reciprocated; that loving someone as a friend and/or partner should be done selflessly – no expectations. It leaves me quite vulnerable; I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it all but I’m taking things day by day. I’ve told myself that I’ll continue to find things that make me happy and hopefully things will fall into place.

Do things that make you happy, always.