A Blueberry Girl: Re-introduced

June 20

I’ve started writing this post, countless times on countless days. My immediate thought is always, What should I write about first?

I wanted to tell you all about all the adventures I’ve had since I last posted.
All the places I’ve traveled to.
The food I’ve eaten.
The people I’ve met and those that I’ve lost along the way.
I wanted to share pictures of Enzo, my little Jindo pup.
I hoped to share how my life has progressed through the years;
Aspects where I’ve excelled and some where I’ve fallen short.

So much time has passed; so much has happened but as I read through my old posts, I realized my main message hasn’t changed at all.

Christine Anne; A Blueberry Girl

I want to continue to spread positivity,
To encourage you to have hope when things seem hopeless;
To help remind you of the blessings that surround you – you may not see them but they’re certainly there.
& hopefully offer you some relief during this unprecedented time.

With that said, I’d like to re-introduce myself.

I’m Christine. I hope we can take some time and get reacquainted.

I would love to hear from you so drop me a line.