About me

I’m not entirely sure how to begin talking about myself; it’s really quite awkward, if you’ve never tried it before… Hm, let’s see – I’m extremely hyperactive, I curse excessively (a habit I’m really trying to break – as my mom would say “it’s not lady-like to curse like a man“), I take my coffee with one cream + one sugar (preferably Splenda), I’m a summer baby – so naturally I love the beach, being poolside and tanning. I’m the middle child of my family – so, I o, I suffer from an acute form of middle child syndrome. It’s real, don’t anyone ever tell you otherwise.

I love to read, love to write. I LOVE the idea of being in love, falling in love, an endless love, finding your forever love  – I can’t ever deny it. I’m a hopeless romantic. We’re a dying breed so I intend on suffocating you all with romanticism. You can thank me later or hate me later, the choice is yours.

A Blueberry Girl transpired from a series of events. The first was life altering, it was the breakup. Newly singlehood was a foreign concept to me. I faced the challenge of finding myself outside of what I once was; I was no longer a “we” but a me. I had no idea where to start, how to start…

With that challenge came the immediate need to change my identity; to become somewhat different – at least until I figured out who I really was. Physical appearance was the easiest and made the most sense, so I committed to going blue. Blue has always been my favorite color and quite honestly it was fitting. Not only was I feeling blue but my ego was bruised – so black & blue couldn’t have been more appropriate for my hair color.

Quite melodramatic, I know, but that was my rationale at the time.

A casual conversation solidified the name of my blog. As I transitioned into this new stage in my life, I found myself spending a great deal of time at a friend’s house. Side note: this friend later became more than a friend, then no friend then my boyfriend… but that’s completely irrelevant to this story. The point is, his family started referring to me as Christine, the Blueberry Girl; altered lyrics from “Christine” by Siouxsie and the Banshees….

Hence; A Blueberry Girl transpired.