A Home for my Heart

January 5

SOUNDTRACK: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

You could imagine my excitement when I found out my little cousin got engaged (engagement photos found HERE); you could imagine how much MORE excited I was when she asked me to take their photos! It was truly, a spectacular day.  The natural lighting, high ceilings, and fresh florals only added to the intimacy of the event. Luis and Mary were surrounded by family ~ there was an infinite amount of love.

Based on all the beautiful wedding details, you wouldn’t be able to tell that things were planned in three weeks. YES, THREE WEEKS – less than a month; approximately 21 working days; 336 total hours (that’s excluding ~8 sleeping hours/day)

She booked the chapel without visiting the location. She found her dress in a day; he found his suit the following week; everything was coming together beautifully. By the end of just three short weeks, Luis + Mary had successfully planned their wedding.

Their wedding day was everything they imagined it to be. Mary was the epitome of bridal elegance. She stood across from Luis, looking absolutely stunning. Luis looked back at her, looking equally handsome and dapper in his blue suit.

Their vows have been spoken, their rings exchanged.

12.12.21 is the day Luis and Mary became husband and wife.

Their new adventure has begun.